The Open Road Film Series Presents “Dim the Lights” and “The Wild Angels”

Meet local filmmaker Dwight Chalmers as he presents his short film “Dim the Lights, followed by a discussion on the art of road films. Chalmers will feature the 1966 Roger Corman film “The Wild Angels”, made three years prior to “Easy Rider” and the first film to associate actor Peter Fonda with Harley-Davidson motorcycles and 1960s counterculture.

We know you love your home at Stadium at The Park in Fayetteville, Arkansas, but it’s important to stay active and involved in your community. Attending this event is the perfect chance for you to journey outside of your comfort ozone to meet new people and seek new opportunities.

Event Venue Location:
Fayetteville Visitors Bureau
21 South Block Ave.
Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701             

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